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WTM Seminars

This year Paul Richer of Genesys once again organised several of the technology events at World Travel Market. All these events were free to attend with top class speakers providing some fantastic insights into how to make the best use of technology.

The two programmes in which Genesys was involved were:

  • WTM Travel Innovation Summit in association with Travel Technology Initiative
  • The Genesys Sessions

Details are below.

WTM Travel Innovation Summit In Association With Travel Technology Initiative

Monday 3 November 2014
Global Stage, World Travel Market, London

Innovation is at the heart of the travel industry. We adopt the newest technology and the latest business models to ensure we offer our customers the best service. WTM has teamed up with Travel Technology Initiative to bring together a selection of top flight speakers. They will give you their take on the very latest developments in travel that will affect all of us now and in the near future. Click on speakers' names to view their presentations. Click here to view the video.

Confirmed programme:

Keynote Speeches

Moving with the Times

Accelerating Innovation

WTM Genesys Sessions 2014

Tuesday 4 November
Platinim Suite, World Travel Market, London

This year Paul Richer of Genesys once again organised a series of technology and online travel seminars at World Travel Market. All these events were free to attend with top class speakers providing some fantastic insights into how to make the best use of technology.

Click on speakers' names to view their presentations. Use this link to view videos of all the sessions.

Mobile First

Mobile has now established itself as the primary channel used by your customers to reach you online. Whether it is the mobile web or an app, you need a mobile first, online strategy to ensure you are on the channel now being used by the majority of your customers. Is mobile working for your organisation or are you in danger of being left behind?

Search Engine Update 2014

Search engine strategies continue to evolve. The tactics that you used last year to achieve high rankings may no longer work. It is vital to keep up to date with what is happening, so that you can stay ahead of your competitors.

Big Data

Big data is not just a turn of phrase. It is about using the intelligence you hold on your customers and the data you can glean from other channels to personalise your product offerings. Get it right and you are much more likely to convert your prospects to customers. Ignore big data and you are simply throwing away valuable business.

  • Stephane Aita, Vice President Western Europe at Sabre Travel Network (Presentation not available.)
  • Andrew Owen Jones, CEO, bd4travel GmbH (Presentation not available.)
  • Patrick Bosworth, CEO, Duetto

Social Media Master Class 2014

In this Master Class we heard from the experts on how to harness the power of social media. Every travel company should be using Facebook, Twitter, customer reviews and other social channels to build brand awareness, improve customer service and drive sales. Is your organisation succeeding at this? Are you making the effort but not reaping the rewards?

Travel Technology - Latest Trends

We heard about the latest fact about how we are transforming into a digital economy. Last year's technology fads become this year's technology tools. You need to keep up to date and be ready to harness the power of technology to keep your business moving ahead.


Management consultancy is at the heart of Genesys' activities. Our travel technology consultants undertake assignments covering every aspect of the travel industry's use of information technology.

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Genesys is acknowledged as one of the world's leading authorities on e-commerce, the Web and online travel. Our range of services includes consultancy, website services and search engine marketing services.

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We carry out research projects in support of individual companies' market and product development strategies. We also compile travel industry research reports which are either published by ourselves or by third parties.

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Genesys compiles and publishes specialist technology reviews for tour operators, travel agents and hotels. These are aimed at senior decision makers with travel, industry, financial analysts and researchers.

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