Genesys was founded over 23 years ago by Senior Partner, Paul Richer.  Richer’s vision was to create a business offering strategic IT consultancy that would enable clients to realise the full potential of technology to propel their businesses ahead of the competition.  This was 1994, before the rise of the Internet.  Much of the technology in use then could be classed as ‘factory’ systems – technology that smoothed and automated behind the scenes business processes, rather than being customer facing.  Back then, most of our projects were to do with new system procurement.

With the advent of the Internet and the Web, we continued to be involved in many system procurement projects but we also started working with many start-ups wanting to get into the new online world.  Some of these are now household names in online travel.  We also worked extensively with existing organisations needing to make the leap from old style selling to e-commerce.  We provided advice on strategy, business planning and technology.

Throughout that time and right up to today, Genesys has remained at the forefront of developments in the digital world.  Our recent re-branding stresses that we are now in the business of digital transformation. 
You may be a tour operator looking to upgrade your reservation system, a cruise line seeking to design and launch a mobile app or an online travel business requiring a big data or actionable analytics strategy.  Whatever your business, we can provide consultancy and services to move you ahead of the competition, capitalising on our in-depth understanding of the travel industry and our knowledge of the digital transformation opportunities that can take your business to the next level.

Our long-standing history in travel technology consultancy is your reassurance that Genesys delivers your ongoing project success